DIY Homemade Welding Device! This Guy Knows How!

I thought I`ve seen everything but then this comes along. This guy decided he was tired of regular old welding techniques and attempted to create a homemade welding device. It isn`t as much a device as it is a series of interconnected things that result in a weld, but still. There is an entire tutorial in the video but to cut it short – you need to get two car batteries, a welding rod, a piece of conductive wire to connect the car batteries in series, a welding helmet, a fire extinguisher and some jumper cables. It`s incredible to watch him put it together!

He explains in great detail what exactly you need to do to get this homemade welding technique to work, and it seems so easy and yet so useful. He describes how if you`re in an inaccessible area somewhere and you have some sort of accident or malfunction on your car, you can fix it with just these things that are commonly found in today`s vehicles anyway. It`s definitely intriguing and the next time anything breaks on my car while I`m in the mountains I`ll definitely give it a shot! However, you really need to be careful with the tutorial – it takes just one mistake to fry something else other than your welding rod.

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