2014 Viper vs 1000HP Mustang GT Race With EPIC ENDING!

Oh, what a nice day it is… The sun is up, the coffee is ready… All we need now is something to amuse us! And, what can be better than a good old – RACE! The video below contains FANTASTIC MATERIAL, fast cars, heated asphalt and AMAZING SPINS! We have TWO BEASTS that are about to compete one another, both excellent rides, owned and driven by TWO FANTASTIC DRIVERS!!! It is really hard to choose the favorite in a situation like this one, but let`s give it a try! On one hand, we have a 2014 VIPER – EXTREMELY EQUIPPED!

Moreover, it has a NITROUS OUTLET SYSTEM, around 900 HORSEPOWER which make us think it`s enough to say that this one is ready to hit the streets and RACE!!! On the other hand, we have a really decent opponent – 1000 HORSEPOWER MUSTANG GT!!! Wow, it is all set up right? Now we can relax and enjoy the race! I mean, what could go wrong? Nothing besides the COPS showing up! And unfortunately, they did show up! Right in the middle of the race – on the HIGHWAY!!! This particular event made the MUSTANG release its CHUTE right in front of the POLICE!!! Oh, (CHUTE), we hope he`ll get off without a fine! Check out this video and enjoy the 2014 Viper vs Mustang race!

P.S. Are you looking for some drag parachutes?! Follow this link!