FARMBIRD – Pontiac Firebird Build By FARMTRUCK & AZN To Race AARON KAUFMAN At “The Mega Race”!

If you are a true gearhead, then you have undoubtedly heard of the famous show Street Outlaws! While their most famous member is Big Chief and his Crow, it doesn`t mean that others haven`t got nice rides of their own! Today we are writing about the “Mega Race“, a showdown that is supposed to happen on March the 27th. This race will be between two rival garages, Gas Monkey Garage on one side and Midwest Street Cars on the other. Midwest is taking part in this race with a second generation Pontiac Firebird named “Farmbird“ and it looks amazing!

Not much is known about the specifications of this second generation Pontiac Firebird, other than it has a 2 stage nitrous system. However, we can`t wait what these guys will pull off with their $15,000 budget! Whatever they make has to be good enough to go head to head with the 1995 BMW E36 M3 that Gas Monkey Garage has! As March 27th looms fast, get a sneak peek at the Farmbird! This showdown will undoubtedly be epic and we can`t wait for it! The BMW E36 M3 is a nice car, but we can`t go against the American muscle that is the Pontiac Firebird!

Finally, try to find out more about Aaron Kaufman`s reasons of leaving The Gas Monkey Garage.