Meet Adam “Rubik” Zalewski – The Future Of POLISH DRIFTING! 12 Year Old DRIFT BMW E36 4.4 V8!

Hello my dear fellow drift aficionados and enthusiast. The ones among you who are following our drift category on a regular basis, could not help noticing that when it comes to drift videos from across the Atlantic, Polish drifters are at the very top of it. We had seen and become familiar with numerous and various drift teams from Poland, and had seen all kinds of drift spectacles that had taken place on the streets of the Polish cities. Also, when it comes to the official drift competitions, both in Poland, and in other places, Polish professional drifters are playing serious roles. Thus, the conclusion that drifting is big in Poland, is just a logical conclusion! And the following video is going to prove that even more.

As you could have read in the title, the name of this 12-year old drifter is Adam Zalewski, and he`s known as “Rubik”. By the time this video was made (2012), the boy only had one year of experience in drift competitions, but as you`ll see in just a few moments, Adam definitely knows what he`s doing behind the wheel of that powerful BMW E36, with a 4.4 litre V8 engine under the hood.

Just have a look at the video below, and you`ll see what we are saying. And of course, the first chance we get a new, more recent video of Adam “Rubik” Zalewski, we`re going to share it with you the first chance we get! But for now, check this one out, filmed from inside the car, and see how`s he handling the car.

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