Crazy Drift in Poland by The Notorious PUZ Drift Team!

Here we a truly exciting short video of Crazy Drift contest in Poland that is really worth watching…

I`m sure you all know well that there are some things that do not recognize and respect barriers. Well, I`m sure that you will agree that enjoying in a good car race experience is one of those things.

The video you are about to see is shot Piotr Pdmk Kałużyński, during a drifting event and in shows the skills of the polish Valvoline PUZ Drift Team and their racing experience on Polish country, mountain roads. In a fast sequence we can see the preparation of the cars inside the garage and than the actual race, both from the viewers and drivers perspective.

So relax and enjoy watching these beautifully shot and edited video in which the modified BMWs are doing their thing.

Must watch A BMW E30 drift on the race track caught on camera. Click this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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