PUZ Drift Team! DRIFTING With Several BMW Models!

Today we are going to introduce you with the great Polish drift team called PUZ (Power Ultimate Zone) Drift Team, the guys who are rocking and rolling throughout Europe`s drift competition these last four years. The team is consisted of four drifters who are mainly using BMW models, BMW E30 350i, BMW M5 S62B50, BMW M3 E46, BMW E36 340i, and some other modified beasts (mainly European cars), and it would be safe to say that they are pretty good with it.

The following video clip that you are about to see in this article is a compilation from most of their official competitions in the previous year, the awards, the great drifts, some stunts they are pulling, etcetera.

The PUZ Drift Team was about to go down in history pretty soon after they were formed, in the season of 2009/2010. But they did not give up. and in 2010, they had one of hell of a good season, so for the following one, Valvoline got interested in them and became their main sponsor. After that, the boys made a great impact on every major drift-driving event in Europe.

So check out the video and tell me what is your impression about them. If you want to see more photos, info and drift videos from these guys, go to this link.