Crazy Drag Racing! Mom’s Minivan Gapping Stangs & Hurting Their Feelings On The Drag Track!

There are times when folks go to the drag strip with something entirely different in mind. Sure, there are those gearheads who build big trucks, Jeeps or SUV`s with the goal of setting some fascinating times in an improbable platform. However, what we have here is a machine that you`d never expect to roll like this. It`s the perfect underdog sleeper car and you will truly be left in awe by this crazy drag racing spectacle. This is another feature by the awesome gearhead channel – BigKleib34. He is racing a Chrysler minivan that does quite a wonderful job of setting down some fascinating times on the drag strip.

This Mom`s minivan even manages to lay down an 11.83 seconds on a ¼ mile while destroying the feelings of a Chevrolet Bel Air and a Ford Mustang in the process. To make this crazy drag racing spectacle even greater, the van is racing with beefy slicks out up front. Yeah, that`s how insane this Chevy minivan is. We would not be surprised if this van has earned the owner a lot of bet money while racing as well. What Mustang owner would not bet a lot of money in defeating this seemingly weak van, right? This video is a proof that you can make everything go extremely fast if you put some effort and money into it.

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