Here is something that is an absolute MUST SEE, just like the title says, for all those amongst you who love and enjoy watching those big trucks with tractor wheels jamming in the mud, and trying to pull out the biggest and toughest possible challenges.

And the best thing about it is that unlike in most of the cases, when we have only one or maybe two trucks, struggling to overcome that bounty hole from hell, this time there is a whole gang of big and powerful rigs, trying to cross over a slough, that seems to be totally unbeatable!

The video is part of the 2013 Cross the Slough Challenge, which took place the Bricks Offroad Park, and it was the first year when the bigĀ trucks had gone totally wild in this place!

And I`m not going to pretend to know much about these challenges, except that one really, really has to have one hell of a powerful truck to do something like this. So, if you belong in the company of guys who enjoy this kind of truck challenges, and got intrigued with what I have said, check out the video below and enjoy this ultimate truck mudding!

And if this is not enough and you want to see more trucks going wild in the mud, go to this link.