WW2 Willys JEEPS Testing The Suspension! Hilarious!

Testing techniques were different back in the day, which is completely normal. Technology was not as progressive as nowadays, however the old way of testing stuff led us to the methods we know today. Back in the day, people were more directly involved in the testing process. Take for example this video we have here today. It features a short footage of WW2 Willys Jeep, with a very popular song running in the background, making this brief video very fun to watch! Pay close attention to the soldiers sitting in the back seat. They are jumping uncontrollably high, and they inevitably hit their heads from the jeep`s body. It is both hilarious and painful!

Now, let`s make a short historic overview of the WW2 Willys army jeep. This particular vehicle was considered as one of the three weapons that played a key role in the Second World War, according to General Eisenhower. The jeep was the best general purpose vehicle choice for the American government at the beginning of the WWII. Bantam Car Company offered the design that satisfied the military needs. This automaker came up with a lightweight, 60 horsepower, 4WD vehicle that was able to reach a maximum speed of 65 mph.

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