Welcome to San Diego Bay where a presentation of another Navy vessel is being held. It is a question of the INVISIBLE for the RADAR naval ship named M80 Stiletto! This craft is designed by “M Ship Co.” and built by “Knight and Carver” that usually builds one of a kind custom yachts. According to one of these companies` representatives this particular unit presents a “most important technological leap forward”. With this project this company is spreading its field of work in another direction. They wanted to create something that hasn’t been done before. One of the reasons they chose to work on a project like this is the experience they have gathered over the years.

By using this vessel, the navy wants to bring crew into shallow waters without being caught on radar. It operates on air cushions, therefore it does not face any significant difficulties while moving. So far, the M80 Stiletto is the biggest carbon fiber unit on the planet. Furthermore, it runs on 4 CAT C32 engines each delivering horsepower. Also, this vessel can land on the beach without harming the gear below. For more information and future plans of these manufacturers, check the video below.

Anyway, check out this Navy Vessel Carrier!