POLICE Be Thankful For Anti Radar Detector Trick BUSTED!

Nearly all of us had a moment in our driving career where we unwittingly broke a traffic rule that resulted with high fine. The goal is of course to learn the lesson and to be careful the next time. Therefore, we introduce you an exclusive video that unveils how negligent drivers avoid the rules of the traffic laws and beat the speedy cameras using this anti radar detector trick.

In the footage below, one license plate together with printed numbers that are same like in the plate are being captured with an Iphone camera. The result is unbelievable. The registration table is captured exactly as it is, but those numbers above have a transparent appearance on the picture. So, there comes the solution. The “invisible” numbers are then glued over the registration table and at the end the only thing that can be captured by any camera including the speedy ones, are the letters of the license plate.

We have no idea of what is so special for those numbers and how you can make them, but we surely agree that this is one fraudulent method to avoid the laws. That is why we do not support anti radar detector trick that hopefully is already noticed by the police.

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