VAUGHN GITTIN JR. & His FORD MUSTANG RTR Rocking & Rolling In Circuit De Barcelona, Catalunya Montmeló, Spain! Interested?!

We firmly believe that when someone only mentions the name of Vaughn Gittin Jr. and his Ford Mustang RTR, every true muscle and sports car aficionado, knows very well what he/she is talking about, and what to expect to see. We are talking about a hardcore drifting action that will raise one`s adrenaline rush level to a point of jumping off his feet, and start cheering and screaming!

Yes! The effect that one of the best professional drift-drivers has on a regular person, who loves fast and powerful cars, especially his American muscle drift-beast, is simply overwhelming! Only a fool would dare to say otherwise. And if you can find yourself in a company of these types of Gearheads (as we`re quite sure most of you will), then you`re definitely going to enjoy the following clip that we have prepared for you today!

As the title says, we have the drift-maestro Vaughn Gittin Jr., rocking and rolling his awesome and well known Ford Mustang RTR in one of the most famous race tracks in Spain, and Europe, the Circuit De Barcelona, in Montmeló, Catalonia. Although this track is mainly used for the Formula 1 races, the fact that it`s full with long straights and a variety of corners, makes it perfect for drifting. Thus, Vaughn pushed his Ford Mustang beast to its limit, and completed the plan he had of drifting all 1 600 feet of the Turn 3, and do many other things which won`t leave you indifferent!

So, without any further adieu, just check out the video below, and enjoy this jaw-dropping spectacle! And if you want to find out something more about Vaughn`s awesome Ford Mustang RTR, go to this link.