Here is a real treat for all those amongst you whose favorite Detroit muscle is the one and only Ford Mustang, and who are fans of one of the best and coolest guys in the drifting scene, Vaughn Gittin Jr. Actually, as we all know it well, one does not have to be a hardcore fan of the Ford Mustang or Vaughn, in order to enjoy the following 7+ minutes of ultimate drifting fun, because as we all know it, drifting is definitely one of the favorite things for all of us.

And if you ask me, the best thing about this clip is that we will see that wild drift animal, the 2014 Monster Energy Ford Mustang RTR that is packing a 410 cubic inch V8 motor, which gives it a total output of 845 HP and about 750 pound feet of torque. That is actually the same engine used by the legendary Ken Block`s Gonakor, mounted to this awesome `Stang, completely made out of carbon fiber.

So, if you are intrigued by this, and want to spend some time watching the maestro Vaughn Gittin Jr. in wild drift-driving action, as well as feasting your eyes with the above mentioned Monster Energy RTR Mustang, check out the video below and enjoy it! And for those of you who want to learn more about the awesome Monster Energy Ford Mustang RTR, go to this link.