Ryan Tuerck Vs Vaughn Gittin Jr at 2014 SEMA!

It is a fact that when we are talking or thinking about drifting (especially about pro-drifting) the names of Ryan Tuerck and Vaughn Gittin Jr. are very likely to pop out. That is why today we have decided to show you one hell of a great drift video, with a really wild action by these two awesome drivers, thanks to our friend at 1320video who also took a wild ride with them and gave us this awesome clip that you are about to see in this article.

We really do not have many chances to watch such a wild drift-ride, but when we get one, then it is something that we do not forget easily, and this is going to be the best example of that. It is from the moments of last year`s SEMA, when Ryan and Vaughn faced off each other in the drift arena and battled each other hard, with two really awesome Ford Mustang models.

So, without me wasting any more unnecessary words about it, check out this wild ride video and later sound off your thoughts about it in the comment section below.

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