Here we go with a video clip that will raise the pulls and give an adrenaline rush to all those amongst you who love ultra-powerful muscle monsters, that are able to set the strip on fire, and shake upside-down the entire neighborhood. As you could have read in the title, the Detroit muscle monster that is featured in this video is the car that is well known to many of you, the 1972 Pontiac LeMans, also known by its ominous nickname, “The Crow”.

I think that all of you who are familiar with this muscle monster, can agree that OKC street racer Big Chief really has a car that he can be proud of (as I`m sure he is). And those who are not, will have the chance to see why is that. The Crow is 1972 Pontiac LeMans, powered by a 482 cubic inch Pontiac Big Block motor, twin 88 mm Precision turbos, each of them capable to support 1 500 HP.

He has been in the racing game ever since he was only nine years old, and these days, he and his Crow are at the very top of the game. The powerful, custom made Detroit muscle is a real beast that leaves its footprints wherever it appears.

That is why I believe that you will truly enjoy watching the following one-minute video, in which the Big Chief is testing the Crow on the street. So without further adieu, watch the video and feel the power of that black beast. And if you want to find out something more about it, as well as for the man behind its wheel, and see an attractive gallery of it, go to this link.