Hello my dear fellow Mopar aficionados. Today we have prepared you a video clip with one truly amazing, absolutely jaw-dropping specimen, one of the Mopar`s very best, a 1974 Dodge Charger that will take your breath away, from the very first moment you will lay your eyes on it! It is powerful, and most of all, gorgeous looking, customized 1974 Dodge Charger, which will become one of those cars that gets stuck in your head, and makes you think about it every time the name Charger pops out somewhere.

This beauty belongs to Joe Petralia, a man who is a hardcore Dodge aficionado, and who got the car only a week before the start of the show. But he was determined to bring it to a state of perfection, working on it with huge dedication and enthusiasm, putting a lot of effort into it, and the final result is overwhelming!

As he is telling the story, this vintage Mopar beauty did not look like this when he got it, so he had to make a lot of changes. He ripped it apart, painted the bumpers, swapped the hood and put power bolts on it, took the bumper brackets and sucked them into the body, making it look like a `71 Charger, lowered it, replaced the exhaust…He put the last bolt at 10 o`clock at night, and early in the morning began the 250 miles long trip from Phoenix, Arizona, in order to make it on time, and showcase this awesome vintage Charger to all Mopar fans.

Even though it has the 340 emblem on the hood, it is actually packing a small block 318ci V8 motor with a four barrel on it, so I think that it would not be wrong if we `label` it as an ultimate sleeper.

Now watch the video below and feast your eyes with this utter Mopar perfection, a product of this man`s passion and dedication for the Dodge Charger. And if you want to find out something more about the 1974 Dodge Charger, click here.