The Gorgeous Swedish 1968 CHARGER Burnout Action!

When we are talking about the classic American muscle cars, it is simply unimaginable not to mention the awesome 1968 Dodge Charger model, which is on every Detroit muscle fan wish list. And I know that there are many fine examples out there, all over the world, but you have probably noticed that after a certain period of time, we are constantly showing you different video clips with that awesome Swedish monster that you all know very well, Johan Erikssons` 1968 Blown Dodge Charger. This time we have the 1968 Charger burnout action and it is wild!

I know that we have shown you this perfect muscle monster numerous times, but the fact is that whenever we come across a new video of it, we are feeling kind of obliged to show it to you. Because I know that most of you are sharing the same opinion about it – it is that good and awesome, we can never get tired of it.

So just in short – it was officially declared to be the best looking Swedish car at 2011 SEMA Show, almost everything in it is hand and custom made. It is powered by a massive 8.2 liter Supercharged 501 cubic inch motor that gives an output to a 693 HP, and it is bad to the bone and looks as mean as hell!

The following video that you are going to see will show you how Johan`s jaw-dropping 1968 Dodge Charger looks like in his `native environment` in Sweden, and you will see it (in short) doing a little burnouts and joyriding on a secluded Swedish road. Of course, there is some first-hand info from Johan himself, so enjoy the 1968 Charger burnout video all the way. And if you want to see some other awesome cars from 2011 SEMA, go to this link.