Start the video with volume up and leave it that way. There is nothing else to interfere the sound of roaring engines and burning tires. Maybe those couple of seconds when the engine is not running. What you are looking at is a very popular vehicle. This is Big Chief`s car, The Crow new paint, recently painted white. He probably felt he needs to make some changes. Changes are welcomed. This car was named Crow because no one thinks that one can make a Pontiac fast, or a small block. It was built to make people eat crow and Big Chief tells this story in the earlier seasons of the show.

Maybe you are familiar with this car, and know what it has under the hood, but it would be good if we remind you once again. In a section of this video the hood had been removed, so you can see the beast that makes this car the one we know it. It is the 482 cubic inches Pontiac engine, twin 88mm “Precision” turbo, each of them capable of supporting 1500 HP. That amazing! Serious power! Additionally, the rear wheels this car has, are the largest wheels possible, 16 by 16, and they are the lightest wheels ever made on Earth! Check out the Crow new paint!