5 Cheap Cars Make You Look Rich Expensive 2

These 5 Cheap Cars Make You Look Rich?!

When it comes to having a car, we all love to have a car which would make us feel comfortable with it, yet there are some who love to look rich by having such car and …

MOST EXPENSIVE Muscle Cars 1967 Shelby GT500e Super Snake

See The Top 5 MOST EXPENSIVE Muscle Cars Sold At AUCTION!

Top 5 MOST EXPENSIVE Muscle Cars Sold At AUCTION [Author: Matthew Young — freelance automotive journalist. Twitter: @mattbeardyoung]
Muscle cars are one of the most coveted types of cars for people who love collecting automobiles. For people …

Miami International Auto Show 2015 Best Vehicles Cars Event Muscle Cars Zone


Our elder readers will definitely remember that back in the 70s, only 5 cities were hosts of fully equipped, professionally organized auto shows. Those cities were: New York, Detroit, Chicago, LA, and Miami. Nowadays, there are …