What A Treasure! MOPAR Barn Find That Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat!

If there is one thing every gear head finds unacceptable, it is leaving cars and never using them again! This phenomenon happens more often that we would like to admit and perfectly good cars are sitting unused because of negligence from their owners. While most cars lose all their value and are never driven again, this is not the case with the older models. In the video that we are sharing with you guys, you will witness an epic Mopar barn find! This barn featured in the video is filled with classic muscle cars that have almost as much dust as they weigh!

These cars have been sitting in an old barn for several decades, and we are glad that someone found them! While all the cars are in poor condition, this Mopar barn find is still huge nonetheless! There are a few cars in the barn that can be restored and once again roam the roads. One of the cars in better condition is the 340 panther pink 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, which is probably our personal favorite. Other cars include a 1970 Plymouth GTX, 1967 Plymouth Satellite and a 1965 Ford Mustang! Watch the video below to see this epic Mopar barn find!

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