Dyno Explosion Occurs While Testing Out An Amazing Ford Mustang GT! The Car Got Wrecked In The Accident!

If you want to know how well your car can perform, you run a DYNO test on it. It will tell you the power and torque of your vehicle, and will inform you whether or not you can improve the car! However, sometimes people get carried away while doing the DYNO test. In fact, they can even get hurt by accident trying to test their car to the maximum -- with a DYNO EXPLOSION! This is exactly what happened in the following video.

What we are sharing with all of you guys today is a video that ended badly for the car! The “victim“ of the video is an amazingly beautiful American icon, the Ford Mustang GT! Trying to bring the best out of his ride, the driver overdid it and ended up blowing the left rear tire! Just imagine how much power is needed in order for a tire to blow up and destroy the rear bumper! Incredible!

We are not completely surprised however. This particular Ford Mustang GT has a 5.0 L V8 engine, capable of delivering 435 horsepower! That is a great amount of power, and it is really shown here in this video! Driving a beast like this to the brink of its capabilities will inevitably result with a DYNO explosion! Nonetheless, we are glad that no one was hurt in the accident. The owner of the black Ford Mustang GT even jokes about the whole thing!

Apparently, the Mustang was going about 160 miles per hour before the incident happened. Furthermore, it is shown from close just how much damage was done by the DYNO explosion. Not only did the tire blow up, but everything surrounding the wheels was damaged as well. There is a lesson to be learned here, and that is: NEVER UNDERSTIMATE THE POWER OF AN AMERICAN MUSCLE!

Video credits: 1320 Video.

Finally, if you want to see the Mustang GT in better light, follow this link!