DYNO TEST FAIL: Engine Goes UP IN FLAMES During Test!

Wiseman once said – know your limits. But, how are you supposed to know them unless you test them? That`s why we have the dyno test that gives us information about the limitations of our vehicles. Also, if something has to go terribly wrong in some way, we will know on the dyno and fix the problem before going on the road! The video for today presents one such occurrence. More precisely, you are going to see an engine turning into a giant fireball! Isn`t it spooky just by reading it? Wait till you see it! Luckily, nothing was severely damaged and nobody was hurt. This DYNO test fail is the least you want to happen.

Many people will think that this motor is dead. But the engine is made of metal and as we said, the damage is minor. All it needs are just new wires and is good to go. However, there is question that needs to be answered: How did the engine went up in flames in this DYNO test fail? What is your opinion on this? Hope that the people working on this engine figured that out as well.

At last, follow this link to witness the amazing power of a twin-turbo Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. It shoots massive flames during dyno!