1975 CHEVROLET CAMARO Hilarious Burnout Show Off!

This video made my day. I haven`t laughed like this in a while. This was the booster I really needed! Definitely don`t want to be in that 1975 CHEVROLET CAMARO driver`s shoes! It is so ridiculous! You know, a muscle car is not for everybody, don`t you think? A particular set of skills is required if you want to bluster while sitting behind the wheel. It is a common sense that owning a muscle car is considered as a privilege and you have got to present knowledge while enjoying it.

On the other hand, we ought to show some sympathy towards this unfortunate driver. Maybe he is not that bad, maybe just wasn`t his day. Furthermore, he wanted only to create some smoke for the guy recording the video, but as you are going to see, things didn`t go as planned and sadly for him he humiliated himself. Not only he was humiliated on a public road, but he is also obliged to pay for the damage he caused to the 1975 CHEVROLET CAMARO! There is no escaping from destroying public property in the middle of the day! Anyway, would you mind telling us how many times are you going to repeat this video?

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