How to Rebuild a Chrysler HEMI Firepower Engine in 5 Minutes!

This time-lapse video shows us all the details behind the rebuilding process of a Chrysler HEMI Firepower Engine!

Chrysler HEMI Firepower Engine rebuild process 5 minutes 2

When you are putting an engine together, whether you are rebuilding it to be stock again or just modifying it, it takes a lot of money, skills, and most of all, a lot of time! In this one, we present to you a Chrysler Hemi FirePower rebuild done in a time lapse that makes it look amazingly easy. As you can assume, just because it seems easy, doesn`t mean that it is. Although the completed product is worked and assembled in mere five minutes in this time lapse, rebuilding this engine actually took amazing 10 months to be made.

In this video, there are 40,000 selected photos of those 10 months which were filled with sweat, blood and tears. From start to finish, this footage shows you the nitty-gritty, presenting every last detail in order to capture exactly what you need to possess in order to bring a corroded engine like this back to life.

However, they left out the heavy lifting which was definitely undergone. This time lapse rebuilding video of a Chrysler Hemi FirePower delivers a very nice behind-the-scenes glimpse of something that you can`t see very often, especially not in mere five minutes.

Click on the video below and enjoy!

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