There are people who buy a new car, drive it for couple of years and then sell it. It has always been like this. Doesn`t matter if this was happening in the previous century or nowadays. On the other hand, there are true car enthusiasts who have bought a car and they keep it no matter what! The proud owner of the vehicle you are about to see is one of those car enthusiasts. He bought the car in 1989 for his wife, who blew up the engine! But he didn`t give up on the car, yet patiently waited for the time to rebuild it. Without further delay, we are presenting you Tracy`s 1984 PONTIAC FIERO.

This beast originally had a 4 cylinder engine, which as we said went up in smokes, and that was the cue for rebuilding this automobile. He mounted a SUPERCHARGED 4550 V8 motor with Toronado drivetrain which is also intercooled and fuel-injected. Sadly, we don`t know the number of horses because the engine hasn`t been on dyno yet. In addition, this Fiero is completely street legal. The real feeling kicks in when you`ll hear the engine running. That`s the moment when you get a complete image of this automobile.

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