Most Powerful Street Car! 2500HP 1963 Plymouth Valiant! 

Whenever time something like this pops `out of the blue`, it really makes me think just how far car crafting and engineering job can go, thanks to the true love and devotion of all the amazing car enthusiasts out there. This `thing` that you are about to see in the video of today`s post, is one of the finest examples of tuning and engineering one can actually see. It is an amazing and great looking 1963 Plymouth Valiant, completely restored and rebuild, with a 528 Hemi, Blown running on Alcohol under (and over) the hood, that can develop unbelievable 2 500 HP, and as you can guess, it as fast as hell (200 mph limited at Dyno).

But it is not only about just how powerful and fast it is (even though it is the main thing), it`s also how beautiful and gorgeous looking these guys have made it. I bet if the producers and the directors of the famous car movies from the golden age of the 70s have seen it, today we would have had another classic movie with this beauty in it. Just look at the video and find out much more about this nastiest and most power street car out there!

Anyway, check out this magnificent Plymouth Cuda!

Enjoy the video below!

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