Check Out This 7-Second Australian 72 Valiant Charger!

You simply know the DRAG WEEK is something special when you see people overseas come and enjoy this marvelous event! This one actually came to participate all the way from Australia. We are talking about John Faraone and his 72 Valiant Charger with 4200lbs 572ci with Twin 88mm Turbo! You can not see this car in US that often.

This fantastic ride made passes on Drag Week and broke into the 7 -- second! After several attempts, he had trouble on breaking the 7 seconds, but he finally did it in the end after overcoming some tuning issues he had! With a pass time of 7.855 seconds and a top speed of 182 miles per hour, the Aussie did it! It really is a pleasure when people visit us from all over to world just to race!

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