68 DODGE CHARGER FIRST ROARS After 25 Years Gathering Dust!

Watching a video clip like this one, definitely lift up my spirit and fulfills me with positive vibes. Because I know very well that there are many awesome vintage Detroit muscles, that are `hidden` in barns, garages, farms, and all kinds of other places, all over the United States, just gathering dust and collecting rust. So when we come across a video in which someone has decided to put a stop on that, and take that great classic American muscle out on the sunlight, and let it stretch its legs after a long time, we are keen to share that moment with you, as soon as possible. Here we have one such moment, in which a guy is taking his first drive with his old 68 Dodge Charger, after the car was kept somewhere in seclusion, for 25 years. According to his son`s words, they had to do some repairs on the steering wheel and the breaks, and now they are going to the gas station to fill it up, and (I guess) do a little joyride.

The video is three years old, so we sincerely hope that this son and Dad team have made some progress in restoring this awesome vintage Mopar muscle, these past years. Because it sure is a shame watching it in this condition, when we know that it can be transformed into a real jaw-dropping monster.

Check it out! And if you want to see an example of how an old 68 Dodge Charger is being restored and transformed into a real beauty, go to this link.