Awesome Purple 1970 CHALLENGER T/A at 2015 Mopar Event!

Here we go with another jaw-dropping specimen from the 2015 Mopar at the Strip event, a gorgeous and perfectly preserved and restored example of one of the most iconic Mopar cars, and Detroit muscles in general, the 1970 Challenger T/A.

And because I`m pretty much sure that many of you (just I was) are wondering what does a T/A stands for, we will start with that. The way its owner is explaining, the T/A, or the Trans Am, is a muscle car which is a replica of the car they have raced in 1970 Trans Am. And when he says `replica`, that was the street going version of the car, and this is one is a real deal, not a replica of any kind.

And even though he is not some old dude, the man has been lucky to have this great Dodge Challenger since 1972, because he knew the original owner ever since he was only 15 years old, and he bought it from him.

Throughout the years, he restored almost every part of the car, but everything, with the exception of the fuel line, is pretty much stock. Under the hood of this awesome and highly appealing 1970 Challenger with a purple paint job, there is the well known 370 Six Pack V8 engine, just as expected.

Now check out the video and see this vintage Mopar beauty yourself. And if you want to read an interesting article about the comparison between the new Challenger from the 21st century, and the original, from 1970, click here.