Meet With “SHE DEVIL” – An Awesome 70 Dodge Challenger!

We all know what an awesome muscle car is the legendary 1970 Dodge Challenger, but when we come upon some custom made specimen, made with a lot of love and dedication by a team of talented wizards, we are literally left speechless and numbed. This 70 Dodge Challenger named “She Devil” is a perfect example of that, and after you will see the video, I think that most of you will agree with me.

It is coming from Knoxville in Tennessee, and it was built by Alloway’s Hot Rod Shop and its main constructor, Bobby Alloway, along with his talented crew. They have started building it back in 2006, and finished about three years ago. Originally, the car wore Panther Pink hue, and it was a single 4-barrel, 340 R/T, with the nickname “She Devil” that was lettered on the windshield. And it would be safe to say that the nickname was one of the very few things that were left from the car`s original state.

Naturally, to have a real She Devil, it goes without saying that there has to be a lot of horsepower under the hood. So Bobby purchased a block from Indy Cylinder Head, together with other internal parts, like Manley 4340 steel H-Beam rods, Ross pistons and Callies crank, which in a combination with that 509ci are generating 740 HP. Amongst all the other features, `She Devil” is packing an induction setup by Keasler Racing, an original system with a custom designed manifold, fuel rails and injectors, underneath the intake. In order to have a high degree of drivability for that powerful Hemi, there is also a custom made ECM, and many other stuff for which you will find out more in the video below.

So, check it out, and see what an awesome car “She Devil” is. It definitely deserves all those awards that have won ever since it was introduced to the world.

If you want to find out more about the Alloway’s Hot Rod Shop, go to this link.