Completely Restored Custom 1971 Dodge Challenger RT!

There is a saying that the car culture begins at the place where the assembly line ends. And when we are talking about the 1971 Dodge Challenger RT and you take it into an account that there were only 71 units of Hemi Challenger that were assembled, then we all start to grasp the gravity of how rare and precious is this awesome muscle car. Plus, 1971 is the year when the powerful 426 Hemi ceased to exist, so for many muscle car collectors and car enthusiasts, that was (and still is) the last desirable Dodge Challenger.

Thus, today we have prepared a video with one of those everlasting beauties, 1971 Dodge Challenger RT in GA4 Light Gunmetal Metallic that adds kind of a special note into the character of this great car, giving its E-body more refined look, and a perfect reflection from every possible angle.

Under the hood, there is the legendary 426 Hemi, with forged aluminum pistons, a dual plane aluminum intake, and with cast iron heads, giving a total output of 465 HP and 485 pound feet of torque. Almost every component of this awesome specimen, like the correct voltage regulator, the suspension, and the wrinkled finish valve covers are 100 percent authentic. The motor is mated to the A727 Torqueflite three-speed automatic transmission, which transmits the power to the Dana 60 differential. In other words, this is one perfectly restored 1971 Dodge Challenger that you do not have a chance to see often. So check out the video and enjoy it.