I do not think that there are many other `historic moments` in a life of one muscle car enthusiast and true vintage Detroit muscle car aficionado, than to open a door of a garage that has not been open for years and years, and find one of his dream cars that he only use to watch in the videos and TV. And when that car is one of the most iconic muscle examples, like this Charger barn find in the video below that you are going to see in just a few moments, then there are no words that can describe the feeling.

Those of you who are following us regularly, know well that we have shown you several stories about some incredible barn and garage finds from all over the world. And when it comes to America, it is no wonder that there are so many barns and fields all across the country that are hiding many sleeping beauties that are waiting for their prince to come and give them a chance to fulfill their potential, and save them from rotting away and going to waste.

But here we have one lucky specimen of Dodge Charger that is about to be saved from that unfortunate fate and disaster, as it is clear that some lucky guy has found it, and he is starting it up and removing it from its shadowy dungeon. These are the moments that are making us feel that life can be so beautiful, and even miraculous.

Just watch the video from the moments when this Mopar legend is emerging and showing off that in the right hands, this Charger barn find could become one of the cars that are taking the main prizes at one of the future SEMA shows.

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