Blown 1968 Dodge Charger on the Open Road, Desert…

Any Doors fans out there? If yes, you`re going to love the video you`re about to watch! The Open road, desert, the Doors blasting through your speakers… Add the Blown 1968 Dodge Charger to that, and you just might realize what it`s all about! This wonderful helicopter footage will awake your adventurous spirit and you will want to go on a journey straight away!  This monster car was also used in a music video, showing that it receives its fair share of appreciation! Make sure to watch the whole video in order to see its majestic beauty and power both during the daylightas well as at night!

So, hesitate no more and check out this awesome video with the Blown 1968 Dodge Charger on the Open Road in the Desert!

 At last, feel free to share your opinion with us and check the FINAL MUSIC VIDEO HERE!