Perfectly Restored Dodge Challenger! MUSCLE BEAUTY From 1971!

Hey there my fellow vintage muscle car aficionados! Here is one video, which in combination with 99 percent of the others that you are watching on our web site (fulfilled with awesome classic Detroit muscles), can become a good inspiration on how to start from a scratch, or how and where to make that very first step on the path of becoming a future owner of a great muscle car, like the 1971 Dodge Challenger. This is a perfectly restored Dodge Challenger.

We all love them, we all want to have one fine specimen in our garage, but not everyone can afford to buy one of those completely restored beauties, like most of the examples we are constantly watching in the videos here. That is why, the guy in this video is giving us a good example (that we all know well) on how to begin to create your classic muscle monster.

There are so many garages, old barns, big storages, where there are old examples, ghosts of the past, gathering dust and rust, and waiting for someone to come and collect them and start working on them. You do not have to have it ready to go in a couple of months, right? But if you set your mind to it, in a certain period of time, you can have your new pet on four wheels.

This guy founded some 1971 Dodge Challenger in a really bad shape, and he is obviously starting to work on it, making it a perfectly restored Dodge Challenger. We will only say “way to go man”, and if the car is ready by now (which probably is, the video is from 2008), we would love to see some pictures of it.

So check out the video and get inspired. If you start doing the right thing, click on this link and you can see what you can end up with, starting from a rusted bucket, just like the one in the video below.