MASSIVE Barn Find Portugal of Very Rare Cars!

I`m sure that there are some among you, who had heard about the last year`s great barn find treasure – many great cars, welded shut and locked away for about 15 years, somewhere in a totally forsaken place in Portugal. As soon as the word about the barn find Portugal spread out, the rumors about what kind of cars could be there, started to go around, mostly in the circles of classic cars-collectors. But even from the very first moment, the whole thing sounded so good to be true, so that someone really had to check it out for real.

According to those who had seen the cars with their `own eyes` (or heard about it `first hand`), there was a real treasure in there. 1955 Austin A135 Ambulance, 1973 VW Beetle, 1974 Alfa Romeo, 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint, 1950 Triumph Mayflower, 1964 Ford Mustang, also many pre-war cars from America, Japan and Europe (180 in total), so many rows with great cars, one could get a headache. But was it really that way?

According to the story, this great find was by an American from New York, who had found the cars in the house that had been vacant for 15 years, after the owners passed away, and later the property was sold for the payment of the owed taxes. There was also a large big metal barn near the house, and when the new owner came, he found the biggest barn find of the century! There were almost 200 classic cars. What a lucky guy, huh?

Pretty much unbelievable, don`t you think? Of course, later it was proved that it was a hoax, but there are still guys out there who want to believe it. I mean, a `living gallery` with dusty cars, it is pretty much compelling, right?

But thanks to the Old Cars Weekly, we got the real explanation about it. All those cars that can be seen in the `great find-video`, are belonging to a car dealer, who was storing them over the years, until he come to the right idea what to do with them. Last year, he sent a photographer to take pictures, in order to document it. And those are the pictures (and the video) that are circulating on the internet, which created this urban legend.

Today we are going to show it to you, and of course, we will leave to your own free will to decide how to deal with it. Check out the barn find Portugal!