We are here once again to make your jaw drop, but this time we should thank Mr. Ryan Brutt -- the Automotive Archaeologist who travels across the country to discover rare beauties like the ones you are about to see. Join him as he steps into an epic barn find in Illinois where he’ll find some INCREDIBLE AND AWESOME VEHICLES! Firstly, you will get the chance to see a 500 Dodge Charger!!! Moreover, you will be even more amazed when you see the FORD TALLADEGA that is sitting next to his partner the DODGE completely covered in dust desperately waiting for someone to take care of them! And if you thought that was all, you were wrong!

In the other corner of this classic-rich garage is a Plymouth Superbird which definitely deserved better than being left out there to rust and collect dust. Next to it, is a DODGE CHALLENGER RT/SE completely lonely and non driveable! Only a couple of feet away there is a true Mercury Spoiler 1971. This magnificent two door coupe is also left alone in this kind of sad but still very rich barn full of classics! However, the Mercury Spoiler is the most maintained one since it is basically untouched! If the owner would just sweep the dust off it would be a whole different story! Check out the most epic barn find ever!

Video Credits: Ryan Brutt

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