Here we go with one pretty cool and exciting truck drag battle from an event at this year`s Rudy`s Diesel Performance, in which all those amongst you who love watching diesel trucks drag racing, are going to enjoy all the way. It is a drag face-off between two Cummins powered drag trucks, on an Eight-Mile distance, as one of them extracts itself with an amazing wheelie launch!

Unfortunately, just like many other times, the author of the video clip did not bother himself to give us any information about the main protagonists, so we cannot tell you much about what is under the hood of these fast pickups, except the obvious, the Cummins diesel engine.

However, once we saw the video and the race, we felt kind of obliged to show it to you, because it is a really cool and exciting race. As you have read it in the title, one of the trucks is performing a wheelie launch, which only adds to the high level of excitement of the race. But sadly, we have to realize that the furious launch did not help him to win the race, even though it was very close.

But you better check out the video and see the whole thing yourself. And if you want to see another great pickup truck drag race, click here.