WOW! Just Have A Look At This JAW-DROPPING BMW E46 M3 POWERED BY A V10 M5 ENGINE! A Drift Beast That’ll Make You Jump Off Your Chair!

The fact that even though the Bavarian mechanical pride, the BMW, is not high on the list of favorite drift rides here, in the United States, is not a strong enough argument for us not to be sharing videos with it, shredding tires, every chance we get. Also, the ones amongst you who are following the on a regular basis, know quite well that we had stressed the fact (many more than just once) that the BMW cars are at the very top, when the European drift-drivers are choosing a powerful and fast car to convert it into a drift beast. So in a case you`re also one of those who belong in the group of BMW aficionados, the following clip that we have prepared today, would be a pure royal feast!

`Cause the Beamer that`s featured in the video below, is really one hell of a machine that is both gorgeous looking, and insanely powerful drift-beast. A perfect combo that won`t leave anyone indifferent!

Unfortunately, we do not have the proper specs and details about what`s going on under the hood, except the general info – a BMW E46 M3 that`s powered by a V10 M5 motor that`s boosting 550 HP! The video shows us this powerful beauty rocking and rolling in a circuit, producing that pure drift sound that makes any Gearhead start feeling his/her neck skin crawl, in a perfect conjunction with tons of white smoke!

So, if you`re feeling up for some fun and a hardcore drift action, check out the video below and enjoy the following two and a half minutes. And for those who are big fans of the BMW, go to this link if you want to find out many interesting information about the M3 series, and learn some important things about it!