We have already `talked` about the fact that even though here in the United States, the Bavarian mechanical excellence, the BMW, is not amongst the top choices for a drift ride, across the Atlantic, BMW is always one of the very top choices for a drift car. Which is why almost each time we see a drift video from Europe, there is some BMW ride that is involved in it. And that is exactly what we have prepared for you today. DOTZ BMW DD1 Drifting the Alps!

The title is pretty much self explanatory – a wild mountain drift experience in the Austrian Alps, with the Dotz BMW DD1, that has a completely new and jaw-dropping look, equipped with new custom wheels. These are very lightweight wheels (8.5 x 20″ on the front, with a 9.5 x 20″ on the rear), that are simply perfect for drifting! Behind the wheel of this awesome ride is Dominic Tiroch, a NASCAR Europe racer and drifter.

As you can probably presume, the result of everything above mentioned is one hell of an adrenaline rush filled drifting experience that won`t leave anyone to remain indifferent. So the only thing you have to do is check out the video, relax, and enjoy this wild ride!

And in a case you want to see more exciting drift action with the Dotz BMW DD1 (the previous model), go to this link and continue with the ultimate BMW fun.