Check This TURBOSPOKE Bike EXHAUST System! This thing can fits to any bike and the realistic engine noise makes it sounds and look like a real dirt bike!

TURBOSPOKE BIKE EXHAUST System best gift bicycle 2

When we were kids, we were imitating the engine as well as the exhaust sound by attaching a soda can to the rear wheel, or a baseball card in the spokes of our bikes. But that time is long gone. However, the video you are about to watch is going to take you back in the time when you were a kid, and remind you of the playtime you had! Also, it will most certainly give you an idea to buy this invention for your child! Namely, this video clip features a bike exhaust system called TURBOSPOKE which will make your kids` bike sound like a real motocross bike! It is designed to fit every bike, so no one would feel left out. The sound is created by long lasting plastic cards, joined by the megaphone exhaust pipe used as a sound amplifier.

After buying it, you are ready to go in just 5 minutes. In other words, it means that this TURBOSPOKE bike exhaust system is very easy to set up! Plus, as we mentioned, it comes with three different motocards that produce three different sounds! Besides the motorcards, this product goes with 15 different custom stickers, which allow your kid to design his very own TURBOSPOKE bike exhaust system as he/she wishes!

But above all, we believe that this simple yet ingenious toy would keep the children away from the computers, mobile phones and tablets. Yes they are very useful, but for adults. Children have to go out on the street, on the playground in order to feel the best time of their life in the best possible way, and of course be physically active! They will simply adore their TURBOSPOKE bike exhaust system! Now go out and have some fun!