When it comes to Moto Grand Prix, one of the things that are constantly giving us an adrenaline rush and makes the races interesting and very appealing, are those unbelievable and dangerous situations that are happening to the riders. I`m not going to try to compare it to the Formula 1 races, or the other ones that are involving cars, but if you ask me, there is something unique about the bike races, that makes the entire show full of suspense and thrill! The following video clip that we have prepared for you in this article, demonstrates all that! It features the young Moto3 rider Niklas Ajo, who had an unbelievable experience during the finish of one of his last races, when he saved himself from a terrifying crash with an acrobatic motorcycle save.

Only moments before crossing the finish line, an entire group of bikers wes competing for a better position at one of the last curves, only a couple of hundred yards before the finish line. Ajo was amongst the leaders of the group, when all of a sudden he had lost control over his motorcycle and was about to cause a collective crash. But then his instincts and stunning commitment comes out on the surface and he saves the day in a spectacular way.

Just watch the motorcycle save footage below and see the entire scene yourself. And if you want to see some other, exciting and interesting moments of the Moto GP season, click here.