Hello my dear fellow drifting aficionados. Today we are going with one of the drift videos which are amongst my favorite types, when it comes to drift-driving action. I`m talking about a clip that makes you feel the action through the eyes of the driver, thanks to the inside position of the camera. And the guy who we have to thank for this awesome footage and excellent drifting up the hill, on a dangerous country road, is the professional drifter Pieter Gouwy, who is rocking the tiny road with his favorite uphill drift monster, the Nissan Silvia.

Unfortunately, we do not have much of an information about this video. But honestly, it is only a small weakness that will not have a big influence on the way that you are going to experience this clip. Because it is the thrilling and suspenseful action, and the awesome display of Pieter`s driving skills, which are counting the most. And whether he is driving the Nissan Silvia S15, or the S13 model (as he usually does), really does not matter that much.

So just check out the uphill drift video that we have prepared for you below, and feel the thrill and suspense of a great drifting experience on a country road! And if you like it and want to see more drifting by Pieter, go to this link.