2000HP NISSAN GTR AMS That Eats Lamborghinis As Pancakes!

As much as we admire and adore the power, beauty and speed of the Italian Knight, the Lamborghini, we have got to admit that it is always an appealing and intriguing to most of us, when we get to see another great sports car, that costs (at least) less than double, which is capable to `wipe` the floor with it! Of course, there are many other reasons besides the price, but we are not going to get into that right now… Working this job has given me numerous opportunities to see some great cars that have beaten the Lamborghini in a drag battle. But I must say that there probably is not any other car out there that deserves the nickname `Lambo Slayer` more than this Performance Alpha Omega Nissan GTR AMS!

I believe that many of you have already seen this awesome black beast before (we have also written articles about it) in action, but it never hurts to see such an awesome and jaw-dropping GTR specimen again. Especially in that epic battle with the 2 000 HP Underground Racing Twin Turbo Lamborghini, and 1 750 HP Dallas Performance Twin Turbo Lamborghini.

We all know that these are one of the best tuning houses in America, but it turns out that the Nissan GTR AMS R35, powered by their GTR Billet Block is a little bit too much for them. The race is taking place during the Texas Invitational, where some of the world`s fastest racing cars are gathering, to give us such pleasures, like the one in the following video.

So check it out and enjoy it! And if you want to find out more about the AMS Performance Alpha Omega GTR, go to this link.