Hello my fellow Gearhead friends. We all love watching super-fast cars that are setting the track on fire and leave us all speechless with their unbelievably fast performance. And no matter whether you are a big time Nissan GTR fan, or one of the many hardcore muscle car aficionados, who would not trade their muscle beast for all the other fast supercars in the world, I think that most of you are well familiar with the one and only AMS Alpha Omega package that transforms the `regular` GTRs in one of the fastest cars in the world -- the AMS PERFORMANCE GTR!

And in order to find out what makes those AMS GTRs so special and fast, today we are going to show you an 11+ minute video clip from the visit of the Auto Motor Sports, and try to find out how are they building some of the fastest race cars in the country, one of them is the Alpha Omega Nissan GTR R35, which I think we all know.

As you will see it for yourself, these guys are spending many hours on engineering, manufacturing, and research and development for complete tuning solutions for a variety of different platforms. This means that they have some of the best engineers in the country working for them, the best and cutting edge equipment, to put it another way, all the pieces of the jigsaw to make the car as fast as hell. Make it AMS PERFORMANCE GTR.

But it would be much better if you watch the entire video clip and find out from the specialist themselves. And if you want to visit their page and see many of their amazing products, click here.