Twin Turbo Aventador LP700-4 by Underground Racing!

Here is something that will raise the pulse to every Lamborghini fan out there, and to every hypercar aficionado who knows how to appreciate a real beauty and high aesthetic values! Underground Racing had given us this out-of-this-world first example of 2012 Twin Turbo Aventador LP700-4, that will make you look for your jaw on the floor. With an engine that can produce 1 200 HP and accelerate from 0 to 60 in an incredible 2.2 seconds, this is most definitely one of the very best examples of the famous Italian luxury sports car manufacturer.

It took many working hours to create this powerful beauty, a lot of driving and study on every possible aspect of this amazing Twin Turbo Aventador. It seemed like the manufacturer did almost everything, to make it as hard as possible for the aftermarket people to do their modifications, but that did not stop Underground Racing team. Instead, they worked hard, came up with an intelligent solutions and ended up with maybe the best Lamborghini Aventador ever.

Now, this hypercar is driving pretty much the same as when it was in a stock form, just a hell of a lot faster. A lot of it also to do with the Quickshift upgrade, that makes it shift amazingly fast. So, without further adieu, watch the video below and get a glimpse into this state of the art project.

If you want to find out more about Underground Racing and many of their other great project, check out this link.