World’s Fastest Car Crush TEST! In The WALL With 120MPH!

World`s Fastest Car Crush TEST! 120MPH! The Boys From FIFTH GEAR Have Done It! Must SEE!

Worlds Fastest Car Crush 120MPH The Boys From FIFTH GEAR Have Done It Must SEE 6

The guys from Fifth Gear are back, and they have something interesting for us this time! We have seen plenty shows where people crush test cars, but you have never seen a test like this. In the beginning of the video, the narrator tells us that they have conducted “regular” crush tests like the one of Mercedes Smart, the one of a family seven seater, and a convertible turned upside down.

Now they are about to do a bit different car crush. You will see a Ford Focus running with 120 mph into a wall. What`s left of it, it is in the end of the video.

This test is an equivalent of the worst case scenario, hence the crush experts are not going to use expensive crush test dummies, but shop front manikins instead. In order to perform a test of this size, although in a controlled environment, it needs serious precaution measures.

The car will be propelled towards the wall by a winch that has a power of 16 Bugatti Veyrons!

Those with sensitive stomachs will maybe hesitate to play this video. However it sends a strong message!

To see the full statistics of factors that cause car crashes and traffic accidents, follow this link.