OMG Is This Real?! Look At The First Flipped Over Truck Taking A Ride!

There is no mistake that on the registration table of this vehicle is written FlipOver, because this car is exactly that – a flipped over truck. From its first appearance, it may look like an optical illusion, but no, this car is just a simple idea turned into a reality. It is a creation of Rick Sullivan, car lover who came up with this idea thanks to the bunch of flipped over vehicles that he has got in his car shop.

If you ever wanted to create a flipped over truck, then you should notice that for this one were needed over 6 months of work and around $6000.

Moreover, the parts that are flipped over are taken from different vehicles, mainly pickup trucks. Sounds like a hard work, but at the end it will pay off as all eyes will be on you and your weird beauty that does not break any law and is totally a road-legal car.

Rick proves that statement while he is taking a ride on the street with his FlipOver. Of course, people are staring at him and wondering themselves is that thing real?! Well, yes it is and if you like the flipped over truck, feel free to leave your comments.