Parents Attached A Leaf Blower To A POWER WHEELS Toy Car!

Children tend to be lazy, but if you know how to make them be more productive in an entertaining way for them, then my friend you are golden! Plus, there are children who simply like to be more included in everyday activities like cleaning, taking out the garbage etc. But still, they need to be motivated, they need to have fun in order to show more interest in the future. Well, the video we have for you today presents you a situation which is in accordance with the aforementioned! In it, you are going to see a toddler driving his Power wheels toy car with a leaf blower attached on the back of the car! Ingenious invention, don`t you agree?

His gearhead parent(s) came up with a great idea! Not only the child is having fun driving around in his Power wheels toy car, but he also helps in the process of cleaning the yard from the fallen leafs. It is very important to notice that he`s wearing ear protection. Anyway, seems like this kid`s parents are really imaginative petrolheads and they have thought of how to make their child to be more productive from an early age! Would you mount your leaf blower on the back of your kid`s toy car?

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