FATHER OF THE YEAR? Is This The YOUNGEST GEARHEAD BIKER Ever? Young Biker Knows How To Make His Dad Proud!

It is an exceptional honor for parents when their children decide to follow their steps regarding education and later continuing their work. This is probably one of parent`s biggest desires. You know the drill, if daddy is a doctor – be a doctor. If mummy is a lawyer – be a lawyer! But if daddy is a gearhead – then be one! However, a situation like this is positive if it is a matter of children`s personal choice, not somebody else`s. If parents force children to study what they dislike, it can lead to more damage than good. However, we feel that this young biker that you will see later on, is not forced at all. You can see the Gearhead in it. But let`s talk more about the video.

Anyhow, today`s video is going to show you one such situation but from another point of view and will make you wish your kid is like the one in the recording! His dad must be very proud! At the beginning, this video looks like nothing special. A toddler running with a backpack. But if it is running, it is headed somewhere. This lovely kid is running towards his dad`s motorbike! If you look closer, you are going to see that the little boy is holding keys in his hand. Nevertheless, when he got where the bike is parked, he begins climbing it, puts the key in the ignition and starts the engine! But that is not all! Not only does the young biker start the engine, but also revs it! The way he does it shows us that it LOVES the sound of that engine roaring! Hope that we will see more from this boy after some years!

Plus, visit this link to read the story about the youngest motorcross rider. He is 3 years old!