Witnessing A Tire Shake From UNUSUAL POINT OF VIEW!

Long time no see! Please welcome to one exciting drag race, as you haven`t (or may have) seen ever before! It is a conventional drag race, yet it still differs from the rest! How come? You are going to find out right now! We believe that there is no car enthusiast who does not want to unriddle what is going on with the “invisible” tire shake (during the race)!

It is always better to see things on your own instead of imagining or looking at a picture. Maybe the creators of this video had the same problem, so they decided to mount a camera onto the wheelie bar of a dragster! Personally, we find this recording really amusing! It lets us see the processes underneath the body of the vehicle! Also, you will get a thorough display of the power going through the tires! In other words, the camera can`t handle the pressure and the sound goes bad, but it doesn`t stop recording! It survived the first tire shake attack (the burnout) though. And one more thing, VOLUME UP! It`s a drag race after all!

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